Why Expos are the Ultimate Business Networking Tool

5 Mar 2024 | Expos

Good relationships developed through business networking form the foundations of success in any business. Whether you received excellent after-sales service following a recent purchase, or had a pleasant conversation with a shop attendant at your local boutique, the chances of making future purchases from the same businesses are much higher if you felt good during and after your last purchase. Building good relationships, however, shouldn’t only be prioritised during the sales process or after a deal is closed. The real work begins much before, which is why business networking should be an essential part of your business strategy!

Indeed, studies have shown that working on establishing positive relationships, such as through expos, before any transactions are made can lead to a 70% increase in new leads and brand awareness (Display Wizard, 2022).

Expos play a crucial role in business networking, and it’s easy to understand why. Before we take a look at the importance of networking and attending expos, let’s establish what an expo is exactly.

What is an Expo?

The term ‘expo’ is short for ‘exposition’, which is a large-scale event that spans a wide range of subjects, industries or themes. An expo is where different businesses come together to showcase their products, launch their brand and network with potential clients, partners and professionals.

Expos are different to exhibitions and trade fairs as the latter two events are often focused on a single industry, such as tourism, technology or education. At an expo, you can expect to find businesses offering different services, which provides a unique opportunity for companies to reach new audiences through business networking.

Why is Business Networking at Expos Important?

Business networking is an essential tool for building relationships, and attending expos enables businesses to network in person rather than online. There are several reasons why business networking at expos can help companies grow, including building brand awareness, accessing learning opportunities and generating new leads.

Build Brand Awareness

All brands can benefit from building brand awareness, but this is even more crucial for start-ups and brands looking to expand into new markets. At an expo, attendees are actively seeking to connect and learn about new businesses, so being up front and centre will help propel you towards your goals.

Learning Opportunities

Expos usually consist of several talks and educational discussions that enable attendees to share information. As a business, attending these events will help you to identify key trends, understand different perspectives and have important conversations to help move your business forward.

Generate New Business

One of the main goals behind business networking is to unlock new sales opportunities. An expo provides the perfect stage to generate new leads, particularly for business-to-business companies, as they can connect with many other businesses all under one roof.

If you’re looking to increase your business networking efforts this year, attending an expo is a great place to start. By putting your business at the forefront of the most important expos within your industry, you can build your confidence, pursue new opportunities and create long-lasting relationships that will serve your business for years to come!

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