How to Use Exciting Technology for Exhibitions

1 Apr 2024 | Exhibitions

Technology for exhibitions presents a new set of opportunities for brands that are planning on exhibiting. Indeed, the latest technological trends have a way of weaving themselves into every aspect of our lives; how we communicate, how we relax and, of course, how we work. If you’re attending any exhibitions this year, you’ll be amazed by the innovative ways some brands are using technology for exhibition stands. From lifelike AI-powered displays to immersive virtual reality experiences – the choice of exciting new technologies for exhibitions is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

No matter the scale, there are several ways that brands can use technology to their advantage when attending exhibitions. Below, we’ve put together a list of some ideas for every budget to help inspire you ahead of your next exhibition! 

QR Codes 

Many companies have switched their traditional business cards to a digital QR code. Not only is this more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, but it also allows you to add as much information as you need to your digital card. By getting visitors to scan your QR code, you can provide them with several ways to instantly connect with you online, visit your website or view your portfolio.

QR Codes can easily be scanned by one digital device from another, but you might also consider printing the code on leaflets or incorporating it in your stand design. This will facilitate the process and allow more people to scan your code with less waiting time. 

Get Social with Technology for Exhibitions

Social media platforms allow you to grow your connections long after the exhibition is over. Whether you add your social media links to your QR Code for people to follow you, or you run a fun competition or giveaway at your stand to help grow your following – social media is a must-have technology for exhibitions. 

Moreover, brands can promote their attendance before, during and after the exhibition by sharing live videos, stories and posts to their social media feeds. If you’re thinking about capturing content such as interviews during your exhibition, why not consider creating a dedicated space within your exhibition stand? Think comfortable seating, a branded backdrop and perhaps a coffee bar to set the right tone!

Elevate your Presentations with Touch Screen and 3D Displays

Everyone can create a simple PowerPoint presentation, but if you really want to impress your visitors, why not incorporate some unexpected audiovisual elements into your presentations?

Touchscreens invite the audience to interact with your presentation, and they can be used to provide useful information and answer any questions that visitors may have.

3D Displays are bound to capture audience attention and encourage visitors to actively engage with the content that they are experiencing. 3D Displays can take the form of holographic displays, virtual reality experiences or even 3D-printed materials.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Demonstrations

There’s only so much you can say about your product or service. The real selling point comes through getting the audience to experience the product for themselves. With augmented and virtual reality technology for exhibitions, you can transform your visitors’ experience by enabling them to get a real sense of what you’ve got to offer! AR and VR demonstrations offer a personalised experience, allowing individuals to picture products in their right environment, or test out their features in a virtual space. 

Video Walls and LED Screen Technology for Exhibitions

If you’ve got video material to share with your visitors, be sure to make a statement with a video wall or LED screen. Both of these options can create a powerful visual impact at your exhibition stand, and tell your story in a more compelling way.

By using a large LED screen or video wall, you can get more eyes on your content, rather than have crowds gathering to watch a micro-screen!

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