Lighting It Up: Plant Medicine Week Malta 2022

10 Aug 2022 | Current Expo News, Expo Management, Stand Building

The medical cannabis and psychedelics industry is one of the fastest-growing ones in the world, so our selection as general contractors for Plant Medicine Week Malta 2022 is a source of great pride. As the leading global medical plant expo, it was also an excellent coup for Malta in general, especially in light of the recent change in local legislation.

How we got things rolling

Medical cannabis is being billed as a critical contributor to Malta’s GDP in the future, so having the Mediterranean Conference Centre as the venue made for the perfect contrast of putting together Malta’s past, present and future for a successful event. As is standard procedure, we conducted our site visit one month before the show took place.

As general contractors, we were tasked with all branding for the show organisers, with all stand packages totalling 25 package stands, one custom stand and the stage. That includes all design, building, furniture and electrical requirements for each build mentioned above. For good measure, we also handled the scheduling of speakers for the conference.

Malta office taking point

All design and sales were made through our Malta office, with production also taking place via a local production house whose hard-working values match our own. Putting all the builds together took two and a half days, with the first day’s priority of getting all the flooring down, structures up and electrical wiring in place. On the second day, graphics installation and general finishing took place, with the final touches made the night before the show. Dismantling then took one day.

Let’s make your event a success!

If you’re planning something big, you’re undoubtedly looking for an event company that can handle the A-to-Z of all things expo-related! Check out our services page to see what we offer, and if there’s something not there that you’d like, just get in touch, and we’ll surely find a solution.


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