Our Team of Experts


Group Managing Director

James, our Group Managing Director, brings a wealth of experience in managing and orchestrating logistics for expos, conferences, and events worldwide. Providing unwavering 24/7 support to clients, James ensures that expectations are not just met but exceeded. His expertise extends to offering valuable suggestions for clients to enhance their presence, attract more potential clients, and maximize traffic at expos. With a PhD focused on international conferences and event destination marketing from Bournemouth University, UK, James brings a unique blend of academic rigor and practical insight to the industry.


Sales Director – Expos

A sales director with 15 years of experience in the conference and expo industry on an international level. Being a graduate in Hospitality and Tourism Management, helped Miguel build a strong reputation within the sales and client experience field whilst addressing a ‘can-do attitude’. Thanks to Miguel, Turnkey Exops ensures that each client has a smooth experience when exhibiting or participating at any expo, conference or event.


Operations & Design Manager

With a degree in architecture and vast experience in project management, Emi is handling logistics and tying all loose ends, taking special care of the design process to ensure an optimal and unique result for each client. She handles coordination between every Expos area and process steps since a brief/idea comes home from the hand of our account managers until the last day of the exhibition and its subsequent dismantling. Her organisational skills, creativity and an eye for detail guarantee effectiveness and efficiency in every operation.


Business Development Manager
– expos (Cyprus)

Stavros is a pivotal player in expanding our market presence. Leveraging his strategic insights, he identifies growth opportunities and forges valuable partnerships. Stavros excels in promoting our brand, ensuring a prominent position in the Cyprus market. His dynamic approach and commitment to excellence underscore his role in propelling our business to new heights in the vibrant expo landscape.


Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager in the UAE, Kurt is a visionary leader driving our market expansion. With a keen understanding of regional dynamics, he identifies growth prospects and cultivates strategic partnerships. Kurt’s dynamic approach and adept negotiation skills propel our brand to prominence in the competitive UAE market.


 Events & Expo Coordinator

Margarita is our Events & Expo Coordinator. She centres her attention on various organisational aspects of the company, such as ensuring smooth collaboration among company departments, data entry and record-keeping, market research, broadening our company’s services, as well as maintaining a comprehensive event and expo database that informs decisions and future planning. Margarita also collaborates with the accounting department, managing tasks such as issuing contracts and invoices to ensure accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions.



Emilia is an architect and part of the design team at Turnkey Expos. She handles the design, modelling, and rendering of stands, as well as the breakdown of technical drawings for their subsequent construction. Driven by a passion for design, she consistently pushes creative boundaries, staying updated on industry trends.


Expo Designer

She is a passionate architect and stand designer with an innovative focus that blends creativity, design, and fashion. Her unique perspective is reflected in architectural projects and her successful jewelry brand inspired by art. As a painter, she finds inspiration in every stroke, translating into Avant-grade designs. With a global vision, she has made her mark at international events, creating spaces that captivate visually and functionally. Her goal is to explore the boundaries of creativity to drive memorable and meaningful projects that highlight the harmony between architecture, design, and fashion.


Expo Designer

A professional and passionate for design, art and culture. Graduated as an Architect, Camilo has been paving his life project over the premise of making his life as curated as a painting, as exciting as a film, and as interesting as a book, “there is a lot to see in little details not only in life but also in your work, moreover if you love what you do”, He enjoys looking beyond and planning beforehand, that is why he’s used his time to learn different languages and keeps improving his skills with an open mind for self-reflection in order to accomplish his work and life goals.


– Merchandise & Print

As a Merchandise Manager, Janice oversees the printing and merchandising process, ensuring top-notch quality. With a deep understanding of market dynamics, Janice curates a compelling merchandise collection, reflecting current trends.


Sales & Client Relations
– Merchandise & Print (Malta)

Hatim’s dedication to delivering high-quality merchandise and print solutions fosters strong client relationships, establishing him as a trusted partner in the Malta market. His commitment to customer satisfaction drives success and long-term collaboration.


Sales & Client Relations
– Events (Cyprus)

Nicolas in Cyprus excels in sales and client relations within the merchandise sector. His adept communication skills and deep understanding of client needs ensure a seamless transaction and offer personal solutions.


Manager – Events

An events manager with broad experience related to assisting clients at expos and events. Being highly organised, creative and resourceful is what makes Liam a great asset to each client that is on his account, offering guidance and quick options on any requests and ensuring participating and exhibiting at any expo or event is a smooth experience. With strong history of sales and customer-related jobs, Liam understands the necessity of fast response and suggestions in today’s world.


Sales & Client Relations
– Events (Malta)

Myron, our dynamic Sales & Client Relations professional for events, is a driving force behind our success. With a charismatic approach, he forges strong client relationships and spearheads sales initiatives. Myron’s strategic mindset and personable demeanor make him adept at understanding client needs, ensuring seamless event experiences. His dedication and passion contribute significantly to our reputation as a preferred choice for memorable and successful events.


Sales & Client Relations
– Merchandise (Cyprus)

With a keen understanding of client’s needs, Tasos orchestrates seamless event experiences. His commitment to excellence positions him as a trusted partner, ensuring the success and satisfaction of diverse events in Cyprus.


Group General Manager

Darien, an accomplished Group General Manager, excels in leadership and strategic management. With a track record of success, he adeptly oversees diverse business units, ensuring operational efficiency. His visionary approach fosters innovation and growth while his strong interpersonal skills create a cohesive work environment.


Group Operations Manager

In the role of Group Operations Manager, Jugen leads with strategic prowess, overseeing seamless coordination and optimization of processes across departments. His extensive experience ensures efficient resource allocation, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall organizational effectiveness. Jurgen’s adept management skills play a pivotal role in steering the group towards sustained success.


Marketing Executive

As a marketing executive, Anthea blends strategic insight with creativity to create impactful campaigns for Turnkey Expos and our other sister brands. As a ‘Fashion and Retail’ student, she secured an apprenticeship in ‘Fashion Merchandising and Marketing,’ where she discovered her passion for all things Marketing and Design. Her unique background along with her eagerness to learn and evolve her skills is what shaped her professional journey as she continues to contribute to the success and aesthetical appeal of our brands.


Creative Assistant

Joana assists the head of Marketing. From taking pictures to editing videos, she uses creativity to put everything together and make the head of marketing´s life a bit easier. Being one of the new faces, it´s still there a lot to achieve in the group.


Group Accounts & Admin

Paskualina is the one handling all things accounts and admin. From crunching numbers to keeping things organized, she is the wizard behind the scenes making sure all transactions run smoothly and the numbers are adding up just right. She’s probably the only person you’d know who is not a fan of Fridays. You’re asking why? All day payments madness, let’s call it. Paskualina’s genuine passion for accounts is evident and it allows her to interact meaningfully with colleagues across the entire office.


Office Coordinator

Sandra, also known as our beloved office mum, holds a position that’s truly irreplaceable. As the heart and soul of our team, she’s our go-to morale booster and the one who keeps the office wheels turning seamlessly. From assisting the operations and logistics with schedules and admin jobs to ensuring everyone’s favorite snacks are stocked, Sandra’s nurturing touch brings a sense of warmth and organization to our workplace that’s second to none. Her official title might be Office Coordinator, but she’s more like the glue that holds us all together.

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