Post-Expo Strategies: Maximising the Impact of Your Event

11 Jun 2024 | Expos

Attending expos requires a lot of planning and preparation, but the positive effects of networking can create a beneficial ripple effect for your business post-expo. For small businesses, expos provide a wide degree of exposure on a level playing field. For larger businesses, expos act as an opportunity to connect with audiences, grow networks and create memorable experiences for their communities.

Whatever type of business you lead, attending expos can open up doors that you never thought possible.

But after the expo ends, there’s still more work to be done to reap the maximum benefits from your attendance. So if you don’t have a post-expo strategy in place, it’s time you develop one!

Why do you need a post-expo strategy?

Before and during an expo, businesses tend to ramp up their social media presence and marketing efforts. This helps to build anticipation, generate new leads and grow networks. Pre-expo marketing requires a strategic plan to be as effective as possible. But once the event is over, a post-expo strategy can build on the momentum already developed to create a longer-lasting impact using different channels. Here’s how:

Follow up on leads

Striking while the iron is hot will help you develop stronger relationships with people you meet at the expo. This is why – whether you’ve collected business cards, connected with new people on LinkedIn, or built a mailing list – you shouldn’t wait too long after the event to send out your first messages. If possible, you should reach out to your new connections within a few days to ensure that your message is still relevant to your contacts. To maximise effectiveness, try personalising your messages to each individual to make your email or direct message stand out in your reader’s inbox.

Pick up the phone

While sending out messages to new connections can be done easily through email or social media, you can also reach out to important leads by phone. This can create a more personal connection, and you’ll be less likely to get lost in someone’s inbox!

Analyse the data

Did you gather any feedback from your visitors during the expo? Whether through verbal communication or a feedback form, listening to what your audience has to say can give you valuable insights into what went well and where you could improve. Having an on-site survey can also help you gather data related to the demographics and psychographics of your audience, which can later be used to develop more targeted marketing strategies.

Post-expo Marketing

During your expo, it can be time-consuming to share live updates through social media and other online platforms. Once the event is over, however, you can take time to reflect on your experience and create post-expo content to share with your audience. This can include a post-expo video, testimonials, image galleries, blog post or email newsletter. The options are endless!

Add value

When developing your post-expo strategy, consider how to add value to your new leads. Whether you can offer them a special promo code or provide them with useful educational information about your business or product, adding value to your communications will lead to better connections which set the stage for fruitful business relationships later on. 

How long should a post-expo strategy last?

This is a tricky question, and the answer will depend on the industry you’re operating in. As a rule of thumb, you can extend your post-event strategy until your next event. Snippets from past expos can serve as excellent promotional material for your upcoming expos. However, the frequency of your mentions of the event should decrease the more time passes, focusing the bulk of your post-expo strategy in the few days or weeks after the event.

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