Why A Turnkey Solutions Agency Is the Efficient Choice When Planning An Exhibition

3 Aug 2021 | Ancillary Services, Expo Management, Stand Building

As you prepare to present at your next trade event, the sheer number of on-the-ground details that need to be arranged can become overwhelming very quickly. This is a time consuming aspect of exhibition planning that is often overlooked in favour of doing it all in-house. However, have you considered how much time and potential profits you could save by hiring a turnkey solutions agency?

A turnkey solutions agency offers you end-to-end services on the ground when preparing an exhibition. Thanks to their efficiency and local knowledge, they represent a strategic investment for exhibitors.

Here is why using a turnkey agency saves you time, money, and headaches, ending up being a wise investment.

A turnkey solutions agency has all the local knowledge

Knowing all the best and most reliable suppliers in the area where you’re exhibiting presents multiple advantages:

  • Errands can be done quicker and more efficiently, allowing your projects to move faster and potential commercial deals to be concluded quicker;
  • Time is not wasted trying to get to the best choice – your staff or yourself can focus on what will really bring value to your business at this event;
  • The best value-for-money options will be selected, as your local experts already know who provides the right service at the right price.

Spending your time wisely will yield dividends

Once at your event, not having to deal with any logistical details or last-minute changes or crises will mean that you can focus 100% of your attention on clients and networking. In return, you’ll increase your chances of closing commercial deals or making a better impression on your prospects than if you had to be absent from your stand or skip networking events to resolve issues.

No need to pay for additional staff members

When companies conduct their exhibition stands themselves, they end up travelling with one or more extra staff members to provide adequate back-up and stand presence. However, a turnkey solutions agency makes additional members of staff unnecessary, since they will be taking care of the details, leaving only sales staff to be required on-site.

This will save you money on travel costs and minimize time out of the office for the rest of your team, who can focus on running the company smoothly in your absence.

Turnkey solutions experts make you stand out

Thanks to knowing all the best suppliers and being able to provide you with plenty of additional resources such as bars, coffee bars, music, entertainment, and side-events, turnkey solutions agencies contribute to making your stand unique and more attractive to prospective clients. This can make the difference between creating more sales leads or leaving home empty-handed.

Additionally, as your sales staff will be fresh and ready to wow stand visitors (not having had to deal with any mishaps themselves), they’ll be best placed to actually sell your brand the most successfully.

Using a turnkey solutions agency can add significant competitive advantage to your exhibition presence, making it easier and more efficient to run trade show appearances and maximising your commercial chances. Choosing the right one for you is the smart business choice to make trade shows more profitable.


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