Why You Need A Turnkey Solution At Your Next Exhibition Appearance

3 Aug 2021 | Ancillary Services, Expo Management, Stand Building

Preparing to take part in an industry expo is stressful and busy work, albeit a rewarding and useful part of any business’ annual planning. Objectively, exhibiting at trade shows has lots of benefits, including raising awareness of your brand, networking with key players in your industry and learning about the latest developments.

But how can you make the most of your exhibition time without getting weighed down by logistics? Hiring a turnkey exhibition expert can be the answer for saving time, being more efficient and making the most of your limited time at the expo.

Here are our top 6 reasons to hire a turnkey expo solutions company to accompany you at your next trade show.

Get expert local knowledge without the hassle

Especially if you’ve travelled from out of town or even a different country, having an expert on the ground pays dividends. You won’t need to spend time trying to figure out where to go, what the rules are for parking or what the best place to get a snack is.

Things are infinitely easier with a local guide, while you can concentrate on having the best time on your stand, networking with everyone there, and learning from useful workshops and presentations.

All-in-one approach to expo prep

Hiring a turnkey solution company means you will have one point of contact for your exhibition preparation needs, before you land and during the event. This will save you valuable time spent making phone calls and writing emails to various suppliers and local contacts.

Having an all-in-one contact point also creates more peace of mind, allowing you to focus better on your expo experience.

Rely on a personalised experience

One potential issue with working on exhibitions around the world can be that you have to spend the time briefing your local contacts from scratch, every time. However, developing a relationship with an account manager in a turnkey solutions company can help you bypass all these hours wasted, as they get to know you and your business. They will offer you a personalised service, while you save time and stress.

A bespoke account management service will also help you understand the local environment better. They can advise on what works and what doesn’t in the expos where you’re going to present, giving you valuable insight that you would not otherwise obtain from scattered suppliers.

Get value for money

When you negotiate with local suppliers independently, especially as an external party without connections on the ground, you may not always get the best prices. In fact, you will spend time and money finding the best deals and could miss out on easier ways to sort things out.

Using a local specialist will open up an address book filled with their own contacts, who you can trust given their tried and tested expertise.

The practical on-the-ground asset

A turnkey solutions expert is an invaluable local asset, making it irrelevant whether you’re preparing your appearance from a different town or a different country. They will be handling all the preparation ahead of your arrival, ensuring that you can hit the ground running.

No last-minute hiccups

With a one-stop-shop turnkey solutions agency, even if something was to go wrong at the last minute, you have a reliable local partner to help solve any problems quickly and efficiently. You will not need to figure out how to do anything yourself in a crisis, which is a significant advantage when you’ve just arrived and need things to go smoothly.

Whether you’re presenting at an exhibition or trade show for the first time, travelling abroad or domestically, or are a veteran of expos and just need some peace of mind and someone who can handle most details without your involvement, a turnkey solutions agency can save you time, money and stress, setting you up for a successful event.


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